A new Regus flexspace franchise for Ipswich

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Research shows huge benefits to the local economy


The phrase “working remotely” is deceiving – depending on how you look at it. From one angle, it conjures images of a lone employee in a rural location struggling to find an internet connection. But if you live in Ipswich, “working remotely” can now mean “working closer to home” with the launch of a Regus Centre in partnership with Kash Group Office.

Situated in Franciscan House in the city’s regenerated Waterfront area, the new centre is a prime example of the franchise opportunities available with Regus as part of the workspace-provider’s expansion plans. Set to give offices in Ipswich a welcome boost, the airy property will offer 14,000sq ft of flexspace comprising private offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas – and all within walking distance of the main shopping area, train station and other amenities.

The drive towards opening more local workspaces is a key component of Regus’ expansion, having identified a trend for increasing numbers of people – from employees to entrepreneurs – to choose a more flexible approach to work in terms of when and where it’s done – and for working closer to home in the process. Thanks to cloud connectivity and sophisticated software, many are able to organise their working lives around their personal lives.

The trend is having a real impact on local economies too. According to Richard Morris, the UK CEO of Regus, “Flexible working can have significant benefits for businesses in suburban areas such as Ipswich. Our recent survey showed that flexible workspaces are predicted to pump around £12 billion into local economies by 2030,” which is done by creating what’s known as a “sandwich economy” that springs up to service the new business generated by the introduction of a centre. It benefits everyone in the local area – and not least franchisees.

As the first serviced-office provider to enter the franchise market, Regus is at the forefront of an industry on the cusp of change. But with 30 years’ experience behind it, it’s also a company with a strong track record in office-management, with over 3,000 locations around the world. The Ipswich centre will become the third UK Regus franchise, after Huntingdon and Southgate, when it opens in March 2020.

For Morris, Ipswich was an ideal choice when it came to the latest franchise partnership. “Ipswich is a highly sought-after location for expanding businesses and a key business hub for the Suffolk area,” he says. “We look forward to providing a dynamic new environment for businesses to reap the benefits of flexible working and are delighted to be partnering with Kash Group Office Ltd to do this.”


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